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I don't support Bitcoin scaling.

You didn't misread the title. I don't support SegWit, I don't support bigger blocks. I think it is time to stop Bitcoin development. The scaling debate hasn't shown strength, it hasn't provided a 'trial by fire' childbirth of something greater. When Bitcoin is through whatever happens after August 1st, it will be weaker, it will be less valuable than it could have been. It will bounce back, but I don't think the community or the currency could handle another fight. We're divided as a community. It is time to let Bitcoin be. Bitcoin is not going to be used for coffee. Even if it is, at this jun…

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Countries interested in Bitcoin in January 2017

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According to Google search frequency, the following countries had the most per capita interest in Bitcoin in January: Nigeria Venezuela South Africa Colombia Austria Malaysia Netherlands Philippines Germany India Canada United States Australia United Kingdom Brazil Nigeria had a great month, with a ton of headlines showing strong positive Bitcoin growth in the country. Venezuela's recent monetary troubles makes its number 2 spot a little bit less surprising. South Africa's appearance on the list may be due to a ponzi scheme or perhaps an South African ICO that is la…

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